123Moviesflix: Different Genres of Movies

Watching movies was considered as one of the best pastimes for everyone. Since there are many genres to choose from, you can never become tired of watching them. Of course, each of us has their own preference of what type or genre to watch, but the most famous, I guess, is the romantic movies. Romantic movies provide a real-life romance. Well, sometimes romantic movies got their inspirations from the dream scenarios of many women, such as prince charming and such. There are actually more genres to choose from when you go to online sites for movies, such as the 123 movie. Albeit, you have to be good in finding the best sites since some of these sites needs subscriptions first before you could watch, while some need not.

Common Genres of Movies

The most common genre of the movie aside from romance would be action or war. This particular type of movie is all about courage in the midst of his/ her foe, humanity, patriotism, and nationalism. The most common scenario for this type of movie would be at war. Some of the movies of this genre are inspired from true stories of wars centuries ago, such as World War I and World War II.

Another famous genre is the science fiction or sci-fi. These movies are basically an adventure towards different frontiers of civilization, like in space and aliens. It also shows futuristic scenes such as inventions of humanoid robots, teleportation, life in other planets, and advanced weapons. Some of them would show post-apocalyptic world.

Lastly, the mystery movies are also some of the famous genres of movies today. These movies would usually revolve around solving mysteries of crimes or political conspiracies. The movie can use detectives in order to solve these unsolvable mysteries using amusing ploy and mindset. Sometimes, the goal of the movie is to leave the last impression of who is the mastermind of the problem, which is usually known as open-ending.